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                      Instruments for testing fabric
                      Istruments for testing fabric
                      Instruments for testing fibre
                      Instruments for testing silk
                      Instruments for testing dyed goods
                      Other test instruments & special parts
                      Tally series
                      High-class Fireplace Series
                      Spinning apparatus electrophoresis line
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                      Type YG611A Light and weather fastness tester
                      Type YG982A Standard illuminant box
                      Type YG982 Standard illuminant box
                      Type SW-8A/12A Taster for colour fastness
                      Type YG203 Sizing moisture regain indication meter
                      Type Y571B crock meter
                      Type YG605 Tester for colour fastness to
                      Type YG631 Sweat stain colour fastness tester
                      Type Y902 Sweat stain colour fastness oven
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