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                      Instruments for testing fabric
                      Istruments for testing fabric
                      Instruments for testing fibre
                      Instruments for testing silk
                      Instruments for testing dyed goods
                      Other test instruments & special parts
                      Tally series
                      High-class Fireplace Series
                      Spinning apparatus electrophoresis line
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                      ¡¤ Brand Introduction 2014/5/3
                      ¡¤ Wool-spinning equipment should focus on structural innovation 2014/5/3
                      ¡¤ Global dyeing machinery and automation technology is developing rapidly 2014/5/3
                      ¡¤ "11th Five-Year Plan" Textile direction and key technologies 2014/5/3
                      ¡¤ On textile machinery and technology imports and Countermeasures 2014/5/3
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