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                      中文版   English
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                      Type YG022N Single Yarn Tester  
                      Type YG022N Sing    
                      Type Y2155 yarn twist tester  
                      Type Y2155 yarn     
                      Model YG155A Yarn Twist Tester  
                      Model YG155A Yar    
                      Type Y331A Yarn Twist Tester  
                      Type Y331A Yarn     
                      Type YG381 Sampel yan winder  
                      Type YG381 Sampe    
                      YG025 Sken Strength Tester  
                      YG025 Sken Stren    
                      Type AU502 Roller cleaner  
                      Type AU502 Rolle    
                      YG171D Type Yarn Hairiness Tester  
                      YG171D Type Yarn    
                           Instruments for testing fabric
                           Istruments for testing fabric
                           Instruments for testing fibre
                           Instruments for testing silk
                           Instruments for testing dyed go
                           Other test instruments & specia
                           Tally series
                           High-class Fireplace Series
                           Spinning apparatus electrophore
                           Changzhou Textile Instruments Factory Co.,Ltd has over forty years manufacture history. It is one of the earliest, the longest history,
                      the largest scale textile instruments works in China.It is "the hign-tech enterprise in Jiangsu province ";"ISO10012 metrological guarantee certified unit".It has passed ISO9001 quality system attestation."CFY" textile instruments produced by this plant are popular both at home and abord. Changzhou Textile Instruments facilities of the counters,textile instruments,textile machinery control cabinets ...        [More]
                      TEL:0519-86663868  0519-89809510  FAX:0519-86648786  E-MAIL:webmaster@czti.com  cfy831@public.cz.js.cn
                      ADD:NO.501?Wu Yi South Rd Wujin high tech Zone CHANGZHOU