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                      Instruments for testing fabric
                      Istruments for testing fabric
                      Instruments for testing fibre
                      Instruments for testing silk
                      Instruments for testing dyed goods
                      Other test instruments & special parts
                      Tally series
                      High-class Fireplace Series
                      Spinning apparatus electrophoresis line
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                           Changzhou Textile Instruments Factory Co.,Ltd has over forty years manufacture history. It is one of the earliest, the longest history, the largest scale textile instruments works in China.It is "the hign-tech enterprise in Jiangsu province ";"ISO10012 metrological guarantee certified unit".It has passed ISO9001 quality system attestation."CFY" textile instruments produced by this plant are popular both at home and abord.
                      ¡¡¡¡ Changzhou Textile Instruments Factory Co.,Ltd is of complete installations, consummate equipment,advanced technology.It has successively introduced the manufacture technique and productive facilities of the counters,textile instruments,textile machinery control cabinets from Germany and Japan.It adopts the advanced units such as PLC programmable controller,frequency converter,microprocessor and so on.It mainly produces the advanced textile instruments,medium&hign grade electric cabinets and superior counter products with ample varieties.They are adapt to the textile,printing&dyeing,chemical fibre,non-woven fabrics manufacture control and testing requirements.
                      ¡¡¡¡ The enterprise sets up perfect after-sale service system.We implement one-year free maintennance and life-long superior service for "CFY" trademark products.
                      TEL£º0519-86663868  0519-89809510  FAX£º0519-86648786  E-MAIL£ºwebmaster@czti.com  cfy831@public.cz.js.cn
                      ADD£ºNO.501?Wu Yi South Rd Wujin high tech Zone CHANGZHOU